100% Arabica

In the language of Latin:  "Novi ego hoc saeculum, moribus quibus siet"
translated (loosely of course) - "This appears to be an age of widespread negation of customs" 

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This version is a 520MB SD resolution XviD format movie file version that
will play on any old (Xvid capable) DVD player or even on new bluray players -
obtained as a download on the net

100% Arabica

A movie about young Algerian and middle eastern immigrants living in France
(many of them illegally) - a look at the cultural divide and the conflicts
of values within their own ranks that make up this group of immigrants

French language audio with hard coded english subs

I initially saw this movie through my local library on-line movie
access facility and got a copy of it in this form for you.

Michael Rizzo Chessman