Parva leves capiunt animus
(Small things captivate light minds)

The accidental tourist (1988) - William Hurt, Kathleen Turner 

This movie tells a lot about the differences between people in the reality of the type of emotions  that they live with and the related views of which way to exist
 and to what ends.

For many if not most that are told on, there appears to be a cynical attitude that the world in in fact cruel cold place to be, where human emotions are mainly filled
 with negativity and the idea that people live with hate as a norm around them.
 And that malice is the way of the world to them in such  attitudes as thinking that
 non one wants them to be happy.

Linked to all this sort of mental processing is the idea that such traits as generosity
 of spirit, spontaneity of activity, passionate desires and the ability to love with real
 meaning in fact are an anathema, and even legitimately so perhaps.

So, who has the right idea on this? That all depends on whom you ask. Actually
 even those that are inane in this regard comparatively in any sense whatever
 realize what their loss is in life, its simply that no one had yet brought this debate
to the fore. 

So life is either lived to the fullest, or viewed as one might when on a visit to a
 foreign land where nothing  seems quite as it is to you in your place of familiarity,
 however its a trip that eventually has to end, as this is always the concern given
 the accumulated dissonant feelings and experiences, along the way. (See my
 comments on the Personalysis theory on the website link at my site too at  ( )

Michael Rizzo Chessman