Arthur  Arthur (1981)

Dudley Moore


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I have long loved the hit theme song from this movie (If you get caught between the moon and New York City) sung by Christopher cross.

This is a funny movie if you like Dudley Moore's sense of humour in particular (as scripted)
The fella just cant seem to get a gal that's good enough for his humour and sense of sanity
ultimately. His fiancee Susan has a large problem with honest communication and emotive capacities as it were. Then there's the character played by actress Liza Minelli who has a siege mentality at times (as scripted) and an openly dishonest approach to things at times such as shoplifting and then being rude to the store detective I suppose.

And the prostitute he picks up additionally isn't any match for his judgment either I'm sure.

Anyway, a nice movie with Dudley Moore - enjoy and please share!

Michael Rizzo Chessman