The fabulous Baker Boys  (1989) Michelle Pfeiffer

Solem e mundo tollunt qui amicitiam e vita tollunt
They take the sunshine from the world who take friendship out of life

The Fabulous Baker Boys is a good look at the "Platonic cave" that is America.
No one around to call George Bush inane for his mistreatment of lovely gals 
as his accountancy approach to romance just doesn't have any human sanity to it
I have to say. and what a waste considering what great Irish beauty there still 
exists there in what are some of the best womenfolk on the entire planet!

Michelle Pfeiffer's character speaks of feeling like being treated "as a
professional whore" as that is all they know of culture down there that have the 
Bush mindset. To Bush, a professional is someone that has no expectation of human 
sanity in the giving of right human emotion and care rather than just an idea that 
to kowtow and show up on time and do whatever you're told to - and never be warm 
in a genuine sense - that this is all somehow superior integrity - as that is all 
he knows. How sad. That's why they don't mix up the barrel down there too much - 
they cant stand the heat in the kitchen when folks start yellin "stupid" at how it 
is they see the Irish spirit subjected to the ideas of the inane.

I wonder they're still selling flowers down there - except for funerals 
I should think!

Michael Rizzo Chessman