Being there (1979) - Starring Peter Sellers Shirley Maclaine
Neque decipitur ratio, neque decipit unquam
"true Reason is not deceived - nor does it ever deceive" 

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This is a fascinating movie about how the entire culture in the United States and elsewhere is based on reading cues and feigns to see what sort of wisdom comes from following them, rather than using good sense as those that prefer to be inane do so as a lack of alternatives appear to be the issue.

In fact many that are in this culture simply wont do a damn thing straight - unless they are cued to do so, but then it rarely happens to see anything straight done. Because this movie gives too much away about the existence of such a mindset, it took a longest time to appear on DVD and then finally on bluray I must say!

Great comedy!

Michael Rizzo Chessman