Crimson Tide

"Crimson Tide" - 1995

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This is a story of a rescue by the Human spirit (demonstrated by the character played by Denzel Washington) rising against the tyranny and demonic seeming obsession with destruction of humankind on earth in what is a nuclear potentially trigger happy mindset played out by Gene Hackman potentially (similar to what we saw of George Bush and his cronies in Iraq I've always said). In fact the two discuss the "malicious" oriented types who simply like to be a harm to others on whatever pretext or excuse they might hang hat on as it were.

Mutiny is played out, as power shifts back and forth to a competing group of servicemen with their adopted leader - as tension mounts to see whether a nuclear launch of disastrous potential might yet be avoided aboard this submarine. This movie is similar in quality in main respects to "The Hunt for red October" and even in some regards "Das Boot" depicting German Naval Officers soldiers at sea and shore.

We always need a "Bill Clinton" type in any event to keep this opposing seeming mindset from getting carried away with its destructive insanity potentially I say!

Michael Rizzo Chessman