The Last days of Disco   

si vis amari, ama!
Love - if you wish to be loved!

The Last days of Disco
-  Chloe Sevigny, Kate Beckinsale

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This version is a 1.53GB 480p SD resolution XviD  movie file version that will play on any old (Xvid capable) DVD player or even on new bluray players - the conversion was made from an HD 1080p version which we have posted on the net for you  if you prefer at various torrent download sites.

If you need another reason to take away the social engineering rights powers
from some in Hollywood its this movie decision once again to dump a fine
offering in favour of the completely inane. Witness the movies supporting the
genre of rap and punk music types of tastes and you get it unmistakably
clear that movies should go into the public domain rather than the trash can,
as the offerings they prefer to make available for sale too often do indeed
belong in the trash can while movies they choose to simply withdraw from making
available at any price at all (simply because they have lousy tastes of their
own and don't need our dough it would appear)

There aint many cultures in the world that allow for such brash arrogance on
the part of the inane. This is the same crowd that continues to gouge children
for a full whopping thirty bucks to give them each the benefit of watching
The sound of music; (with lovely Ms. Julie Andrews, from 1965 - a full 43 years
ago!) to further their education while growing up. Shame on the lot of you that
have such mindsets.

The movie was eventually released onto DVD and just more recently in 1080p
bluray format - no sign of 4K res as of yet

Michael Rizzo Chessman