Stultitiam simulare loco sapientia summa est.
 To pretend folly on occasion is the highest of wisdom

Don's Party (Australia, 1976) Mr. Bruce Beresford Director

Set in the period of the sexual revolution, and in the backdrop
of a political election in Australia, a group of friends gathers
for a social exchange of ideas, conversation, and "friendly encounters"
"on the side" as the evening progresses.

Directed by the renowned award winning Director Mr. Bruce Beresford
(Breaker Morant), its great a great social exposee of one of the most
vibrant cultures on the planet.

I've long admired the folks in Australia, with whom I went to school as
a child, in a school run by Australians in fact - and was married for
five years to an Australian woman of French extraction and "Royal British"

In fact, for me personally, they come second only to those in Germany, who
have my fondest admiration, and then of course the French have to factor
in somewhere. That all said, I simply point out that Australia is a most
special land, with some of the very best people on the planet, and this is
a movie about people in Australia that shed's some light on how this element
of society exists there, in this sort of a "frank exposition" as it were.

Michael Rizzo Chessman

Michael Rizzo Chessman