Deligas tantum quem diligas
"Only choose such a man as you can love"

Far from Heaven (2002)

When the beautiful Julianne Moore discovers as have many an
American woman along the way (no doubt) that her husband's pent up 
frustrations and abusive outbursts and demeanor are the result of being
a closet homosexual who is only just "found out" she turns to the most unlikely
source of comfort - a black man who presents as an "only recently emancipated
slave" as tempers on the matter run high in this small town it seems. 

Incredulously even this source of comfort turns out to be slow to recognize her
pain in any way as to bring her relief. Instead the man she turns to seems to play
 "hard to get" stringing her along for all the signs she gives full acceptance and
 brings the community along, before it could be considered safe to take her up on
 her obvious forward advances that are sexually aggressive in her articulation
 with him. Its sad that when movies that look at the American cultural mosaic as
 presently constituted ignore the great men of Europe who at present are in the
 millions in South American countries (Spanish men that is). My brother in law is
 from Chile and I have never met a man who is kinder and more decent and caring to
 the Irish spirit having been welcomed rightly - that it is a terrible situation that
 can only be corrected by using education to eliminate bigotry against the human
 spirit coming into its own were people can give each other the righter kind of care
 that almost all are yet yearning for down there. 

Michael Rizzo Chessman