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Girl on a bicycle

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This movie shows the potential of the great spirited men of Italy who show greatest heart potentially - which when fully engaged is not to be outdone I assure you, as there is no other way to deserve the most loving and humanly supremely sane and gifted in spirit dear Greta in this movie offering. Vincenzo is not well scripted at times, but then I know its only a challenge to do better in real life than is indicated by scripts which often aren't fair i submit. Finally I have to say that there is no better match than when the two best sorts do finally come together as is my hope for our future over in Europe where this movie is of course set. Greta is so endearing as I couldn't stop cheering for her and always should in life of course! Who else is there to live for ultimately I ask! An Italian version bluray disc is not yet on the market we see

Michael Rizzo Chessman