Glen Ross


Si quis non vult operari, nec manducet -
if any man will not work - neither let him eat 
(Old latin quote also contained in the Christian Bible)

The Pullitzer prize winning work of Playwright/Noted Director David Mamet

This is a brilliant work by David Mamet in what is a Pullitzer Prize winning script  of great insight into the world of high pressure sales environments - where strictly being paid by "commission" takes its toll on the individuals involved.

David Mamet is well known for his work in somewhat esoteric circles of taste in this respect - as he was director in "House of Games" the other such great movie starring in this case, his former lovely wife Ms. Lindsay Crouse, and starring as well the talented Mr. Joe Mantegna

It is clear that Mamet has his mind well tuned to the brilliantly insightful nuances through well scripted glimpses into the human psyche around such situations as are similarly themed to some extent across such of his works as I mention here.

His genius is done justice with the brilliant acting too of Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon
and a nice show as well by Alec Baldwin and the rest of the crew in this great movie offering. This script would be a great idea for a permanent run on Broadway too perhaps!

If you want to learn more about the sort of people who are the sorts often drawn into the high stakes game of "large ticket" commission sales such as real estate and fancy cars and what have you, or in any event want to gain more insight into the human condition with this well acted well scripted play, you wont want to miss out. By the way it certainly does in my opinion, fall into the category of deserving a "cult following" of sorts - as did "The house of Games" a movie that is also one of my favorites too.

Michael Rizzo Chessman