Guess who's coming to dinner

Guess who's coming to dinner (1967)

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This movie won an Oscar for Best picture along with Best Actress (supporting role)

In addition to Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn, this movie Stars Sidney Potier along with Katherine Houghton (an actress we didn't know too much about till we checked a link to her bio wich is available at the IMDB url listed above) from which we have included an up-to-date picture of her in addition to a scene image from the movie

The point of the movie it seems is to break through the taboos of Interracial couples which have always existed everywhere on the planet affecting all peoples throughout history until recently perhaps it seems. In this regard this 1967 movie was certainly ahead of its time for such thinking and will remain so for a considerable time period yet i would guess perhaps too.

The movie opens with the song lines that say "you've got to give a little - and take a little - that's the glory of love" apparently suggesting some sort of compromise perhaps to the people whose ideas on these matters may be unwilling to adapt to the ideas of more recent periods it would seem.

Michael Rizzo Chesman