O miseras hominum mentes! O pectora caeca!
"Oh how wretched are the minds of men, how blind their hearts!" 

The House of Games (1987) Joe Mantegna, Lindsay Crouse
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This version is a 1.42GB 480p SD resolution XviD  movie file version that will play on any old (Xvid capable) DVD player or even on new bluray players - the conversion was made from an HD 1080p version which we have posted on the net for you  if you prefer at various torrent download sites.

This movie rated as best picture on the Ebert and Siskel for 1987

If someone tells you they aren't worthy of trust - and yet you see fit
to take a chance with such a person as that - whose fault is it really-
"if you get took"! That's the question Joe Mantegna asks in this movie
as articulated in the 1080p interview we have here included for you as
a "program  extra" from the Criterion version Blu-ray disc just released.

This is a truly great movie to see. Lindsay Crouse is a gentle soul who is
taken for a bit of a ride by characters who are in fact alienated from her
Christianly spirit in the movie as scripted. She may seem tough on the
exterior at times, however she should hardly be taken advantage of, I

I also am convinced that the character played by Joe Mantegna could
be won over to actually protect her spirit in the future rather than being
a menace as he is cast to be in the movie as scripted as I say.
He clearly says in the Interview clip included for you, that it isnt
a character that does him justice even if he is able to play it.

There are twists and turns which will astound you and the suspense
is captivating and thrilling. It really is a movie worth seeing and
owning in your personal library, worthy of a cult following even.

If psychological drama and suspense is your thing, and you enjoy an
intelligent uptake on it, grab this one now that we have the blu-ray especially

Michael Rizzo Chessman