comment on present day multicultural picture:
Servientes servitute ego servos introduxi mihi, non qui mihi imperarent
(I have brought servants into my household to serve - not to command me

Lawrence of arabia starring Mr. Peter O'Tpple

Early in the movie, Peter O'Toole's character in the movie (as Lawrence 
of Arabia) is accused of being a "traitor" who is too much wanting to be 
on side with the Arabs - even though he earlier in the movie described 
"the people of Arabia" as "a small people, a silly people - greedy barbarous
and cruel!" (he said do upon witnessing the execution of an Arab tribesman
who drank water from the wrong well - as it turns out. Oh well by the end of
the movie he decides "I do not wish any Arab friends at all!" - his experiment
in assimilating amongst them albeit as supreme leader - a dismal failure to his
in his own mind and to his own spirit ultimately. Lawrence would be
happy to know that water is now much cheaper - thanks to the abundance
of oil - meant to benefit all in the region of course - equally, why not!

Then of course there are those in Europe who have paid an extortionist
ransom for their oil supply for decades - oh well - the price we pay to 
keep the friends we seem to prefer to keep! Imagine getting a refund cheque
for a trillion dollars perhaps - from an unresponsive cartel all too long -
I fear to add!

Enjoy one of the greatest epic motion pictures of all time!

Michael Rizzo Chessman