Felix qui quod amat defendere fortier audet-
Happy is he who dares to stoutly defend that which he loves

Le Survenant 

Le Survenant is a great movie from Quebec - the French are perhaps the best
at describing and explaining the human condition without reticence or a lack
of veracity - boldness even - while still being in great taste to those keepers
of the faith that want honesty in all human affairs.

Le Survenant (The Outlander) is quite interesting in comparing opposing
or complementary spirits that are present within each community even within
the same "broader culture" race or nation within Europe even certainly!

Would an obviously Irish spirited Frenchman have to be considered an "outlander"
in his own country? An outsider perhaps? Would there be some reason that so many
in some locale or other would not cheer for him rather than his opponent in what
is support that isn't based on merit alone? (Fist fight as it turns out to be the
case in this movie).

Should this man actually follow his own spirit rather than "demons" to his
own voice? (as he is told in those exact words in the movie towards the end).

No matter - its a great enough European appeal movie with "What shall we do with 
a drunken sailor spiritedly sung by the great French crowd assembled
in the barroom scene of this movie that is memorable too!

This movie is funded in part by our telecom provider Bell Canada - as they have
much to support in great culture here yet - while most players on the stage
have decided instead to focus mainly if not altogether on strange exotic customs
and cultural expenditures favouring the third world. what strange country this has 
become! Whatever happened to fairness?

Michael Rizzo Chessman