The man for all seasons (1966) Paul Scofield

"The will of man is by his reason swayed"
  (Shakespeare - A midsummer nights dream)

The reformation came at an important time for England. In any event it was mainly overdue given the harsh constraints of following dictates from Rome that did not fit with the needs of the people at the time, particularly in respect of divorce as a legitimate alternative to "Royal execution" of Queens to fit the letter of the law as it were. The conflict between those who follow a sense of conscience and duty - based on legalities and semantics rather than dictates of the best spirited cause.

There are those that assign a certain value to certain gestures or oaths, not allowing an encroachment into this sense of perfect allegiance, even while being unable to maintain a reasonable conscience instead, all too often as a result of such shallow thinking.

On the other hand human nature and its best disposition on such matters - it really deals with composition in fact - after all it is my claim that we are differently endowed each one of us as to our sense of right reason in these matters to the extent of identifying altogether differing orientations between men. Should someone lose his life and high office - executed in fact for not allowing his conscience to be bothered by agreeing to divorce as an option for the king of the day? Watch the movie and decide for yourself

Mr. Michael Rizzo Chessman