Mansfield Park (1999)  Mansfield Park - A Jane Austen movie (1999)

Enjoy more of Jane Austen with the adventures of Miss Fanny Price - a woman of mind to be elusive for the most part to men who seek her happiness as she has other ideas in mind in this regard it seems. Oh well, she might seem to have given in at the end. I love the gal from Ireland who plays Mary Crawford, she isn't a witch
 at heart by comparison, nor is she negative in any respect to what is beautiful
 decent and good. On the contrary, she is lovely and a best example of a brunette spirited gal the planet could use much more of in what is truly important in matters of the heart - real love and compansionship of great merit. Although my favourite is the blonde bombshell who plays sister to "Fanny Price" . What supreme
 beauty - a joy to behold, and ultimately who the planet should be filled in respect
 of womenfolk I submit. Glorious beauty of mind spirit and countenance! And truly
 sexy is the woman playing (born in Scotland it seems) Lady Betram, (Lindsay
 Duncan). Now there's a gal to make Scotland proud - coulda  sworn she was
  French at first sight however! Young picture of her here:
Ms. Lindsay Duncan - Irish spirit from Scotland
Ms. Duncan (now 69 and celebrating a birthday) is honoured at our beauty website always at:

Michael Rizzo Chessman