The return of Martin Guerre -
Le retour de Martin Guerre

Nathalie Baye, Gerard Depardieu

Curiosus nemo est quin sit malevolus 
"Those with too much of an inquisitor's mind tend to be ill-natured"

This movie offers a nice treat consisting of the two best actors France has ever produced for the world to be edified by. As stated elsewhere I never watch a dubbed version of a movie when the original is available (subtitles if you need them, certainly!). The Return of Martin Guerre (Le Retour de Martin Guerre) is one of the very best movies you will see from France. If you enjoy such humanistic experiences as to see what our folks sometimes come up with in the way of a yarn, have this movie available! Its great for company to enjoy with on a movie night. I wouldn t do without French movies as a central part of my movie collection, Id remain impoverished relatively speaking that's for certain.

The main issue to be dealt with in this particular story, is what a woman of real moral worth would consider the right thing to do in a situation of loneliness and despair in terms of having an affair with someone she would have to pretend is her husband (on pain of death or whatever - who knows, with religious zealots running the town), only to be found out and where she is forced into a situation of having to betray her lover in classic devilish fashion. When good folk are left to themselves, they can be amazing at what great brilliance they can muster in how they lead their lives, on the other hand, faced with the prospect of an inquisition by the inane among them, and being answerable to others who have such a mindset instead, they certainly have historically seemed to lose their sanity in fact. Just look around at what's left in so many such places!   

Michael Rizzo Chessman