In Swedish with subtitles

(The Ox - 1991)
- directed by Sven Nykvist starring Stellan Skarsgård, Ewa Fröling

Nescit plebs jejuna timere,
"a starving populace knows nothing of fear"

This is a great movie offering from Sweden although it will depress you to view it in its entirety if you have any sensitivity on the issues that are raised in it.

You may be familiar with some of the history of the great Irish spirited folk who were sent packing from Britain and headed to a lovely land today they call Australia. It is my sincere view and hope that the future leadership for the world will in fact come from this continent island as I think our best successes have been achieved there in a way that best guides the most human spirit we see having survived such similar evolutionary factors as to make them special for our purposes here. The point is that harsh treatment and insanely cruel standards of justice have often been applied in times of great economic depression or in areas devoid of real spiritual guidance in favour of religious fundamentalism of the extremism variety.

This movie speaks to the issues of harsh justice and the grief that befalls a fine young couple that you see above. The man is quite Irish spirited as we understand the genre and the lovely wife with him is in fact well meaning and well intentioned for him and grief is all that we see come in this tragic tale of cruelty that seems to find little to comfort those suffering in the circumstances of near starvation conditions and the extremely harsh penalties meted out in these conditions as I refer to above here.

Michael Rizzo Chessman