Persuasion 1995 Jane Austen                                                                                                                           

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It is often suggested that "Persuasion" is Jane Austen's novel that was in some
respect autobiographical perhaps. There is some mention of her distaste of Bath
as a place of her liking and there may be other aspects too that suggest she is
somehow relating a story that mirrors her own lot in life in giving us the
character of "Anne" in this final of her novels.

It is interesting that (as scripted) it is suggested to Anne that she is perhaps
unromantic in which is her spirit. (I believe it is Lady Russell who supposes
that Anne is perhaps not taken by the "romantics" of poets in life). It is true
that Anne in this tale had turned down a proposal from a gentleman who
professed to love her and expressed the best intentions despite his poor
worldly possessions and connections perhaps, however the point is that even
if some people have a lot of money, it remains a sad truth that a good many
do not have the capacity or willingness to give of themselves in a manner
which allows for a spirit of love to form in a meaningful bond of some kind

On the other hand, who better to be romantically involved with than someone who
has the means to provide - as poverty brings ultimate misery in the end to the human
spirit I say.

I do think those who of us on the planet with ultimately truest merit in this
regard should therefore command all the resources necessary to do justice upon
the earth and keep the human spirit alive in each one that can love well.

Enough said, perhaps! Enjoy the show, Jane Austen never fails to impress
in old fashioned wit of the greatest of languages which English is!

Michael Rizzo Chessman