Reds (1981) - Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton

"It is a melancholy truth that even great men
have their poor relations" (Charles Dickens)


Reds is a monumental brainchild and genius of the great actor Mr. Warren Beatty, 
turned Director for this wonderful achievement for mankind. Lovely Diane Keaton is 
special in her performance here too.

Should the desire to better allocate resources than happens in a "state of nature" or where
unfettered capitalism might have existed - is this desire a sufficient enough impetus to 
altogether abandon freedoms we do need to survive, in favour instead of the communist model?

Alebit, a noteworthy part of the movie substantially deals with the romantic relations 
between the two main actors (along with Jack Nicholson, who is brought into the conflicting 
situation as a potential "spoiler"  with less superficial regard for the needs of 
the Character played by Diane Keaton), yet the movie mainly looks at the misguided 
"romantic idealism" of "left wing liberals" from the United states, who had then 
felt it appropriate to involve themselves in the red movement that swept Russia, leading 
eventually to a regime that existed "behind the iron curtain" as though the needs 
of humanity would be better served by such efforts of involvement here.

There is an element of social responsibility and conscionable awareness that is heightened in the environment you see depicted in the movie, however at the end of the day, we are left with nothing worthwhile from this experiment except for the great pickings of human stocks in Russia that have not only weathered the storm as it were, but have strengthened character from a period of communal caring that did flourish and thrive despite the odds, and that did result in a gentle character that is concerned with the lot of their fellow human beings. As such Mr. Beatty mainly brings us to take a look at what came of the experiment we see at its inception in what is the object of the movie, in such a way as to bring the people involved closer to us, in a way as to benefit all of mankind, as Russia is no less a part of who we are than is even much of the world that now surrounds us wherever we happen to be in this misguided spirit of newfound Christianly egalitarian "wisdom" that pervades the earth in fulfillment of an agenda driven by devilish genius gone amok.

Michael Rizzo Chessman