Rob Roy (1995) - with Ms. Jessica Lange, John Hurt

Neque femina amissa pudicitia, alia abnuerit
"Nor will a woman, her modesty being gone, refuse anything else"

Set in the Scottish highlands it is an interesting movie about a code of conduct, a code of honour that goes to regimentally  civilize a mindset that seeks a sense of order and predictability amidst much evil and wickedness that such nice folk (played by Liam Neeson and Jessica Lange in the plot of the movie) would have to confront and negotiate through as treacherous conditions would no doubt see them devoured by circumstances. All societies have come though something similar in the way of a period of having to calm the waters so that a real sense of goodness replaces the rules of engagement that are otherwise based on the morality of self interest and basic survival alone. nevertheless that is something and it certainly beats being altogether at the vagaries of a completely uncivilized setting where no sense of quid pro quo is recognized as intelligible by those on the stage.

It was heartbreaking to see Liam Neeson's character suffer as much as he does in this movie with what befalls his family in what is barbaric cruelty (He has a heavy burden that is cruelly and with obvious malice, inflicted upon him that is only cathartically set right after great turmoil). Oh well, all is well that ends well as they say. This is a movie for fans of Jessica Lange and for those that enjoy the banter of discourse of what is civil engagement in what Hobbes would refer to a "state of nature", nonetheless.

Michael Rizzo Chessman