Nihili est qui nihil amat

"He is of no consequence that loves nothing"

Rope is an important movie especially for those in France. Since the French have the most humanistic reputation in the qualities of sensitive and warm engagement, it is a look at cold personalities that lurk underneath those that have a false claim to being superior in that they consider themselves intellectually inclined instead. Those that lack human feeling, and think they have the gift of articulation 
when in fact they are bantering with what is clearly inane use of language lacking in all validity from a moral or logical perspective in true fact. The movie provides a closer look at the pseudo intellectual, a geekish personality of sorts whose thoughts are fixated on psychotic needs and desires and who demonstrates that he is altogether inane in his sense of virtue and rationality in fact. Style can never substitute for substance. 

Someone that so much lacks not only normal human emotion but instead harbors the degree of psychosis that would lead to murder, is not someone that should consider that he is in fact somewhat brilliant at being “superior civilized” as in fact our character in this movie appears to think of himself.

In the end, it is what people say, and do, and indeed, mostly how they feel on vital basic issues that matter more than the pretense of a charlatan in the style of a sophist from Socratic era language playing at the game of “rationally superior”. Those that live by the sword shall die by the sword is the old adage and in this respect such personalities as in this movie are in fact an irrational, unsustainable phenomenon and will certainly only give way to a Hobbesian reality in time if allowed to persist and prevail in our midst, certainly. If someone appears intelligent to you, perhaps you are being fooled by his manner rather than by what he really is. Watch and listen closely, then stay "en guarde"!

Michael Rizzo Chessman