Sleuth (1972) - Michael Caine Sir Lawrence Olivier

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This version is a 1.52GB 480p SD resolution XviD  movie file version that
will play on any old (Xvid capable) DVD player or even on new bluray players -
the conversion was converted from a 720p TV Broadcast recorded  version which

we olan to have posted on the net for you  if you prefer at various torrent download sites.

This is yet another movie that appeared to be out of print and may have taken till 2011 to appear on DVD in the first place, for reasons none can comprehend to the lack of rhyme or reason to anything they do in hicktown, California or witchitah Kansas, wherever such lofty decisions are made as to what is "equal enough" to make available for sale.

Its an intelligent enough thriller, that captivates you from beginning to end in a level of suspense that is certainly interesting. I saw this movie at a drive-in theater in Kenya, in fact and I've commented before that the level of intelligence all too often of late from Hollywood in such matters including the choice of preferable car design models such as older styled Jaguar etc which express better levels of articulated eloquence appear better appreciated in the third world as no doubt you'd find willing takers yet in Mombasa or Nairobi where someone would give you a few shillings or a bushel of coffee perhaps if that is your preference, for a single copy of this movie they could all then perhaps share as you appear unwilling to make it more intelligently available. It should only cost a dollar to buy a movie via download and this takes nothing to set up for free. yet the industry simply plays "arrogant stupid is me" when they randomly decide to pull some of our better or even best movies (White mischief) off the shelves for good and for free for no other reason than that - they are stupid and shouldn't be in the decision making business - or any business at all for that matter as invariably brain engagement will at sometimes become a concern and as it is they mainly think with an "ass" doing most of the work or so it would appear.

Michael Rizzo Chessman