Errat longe, mea quidem ententia,
Qui imperium credat gravius esse aut stabilius,
Vi quod fit quam illud quod amicitia adjungitur

- He is much in error, in my opinion, who supposes
that authority witch is obtained by force is firmer
or more lasting than that which is acquired by goodwill (instead)

Song for a raggy boy  (2003)

"Song for a raggy boy" is a sad movie indeed to have to endure sitting through.
It is btw a Film Board of Ireland presentation in conjunction with production
that is Irish-Danish-Spanish and UK combined.

There is some comparison that could be made to the movie Rope (Hitchcock 1948)
in what is the theme of this movie. That "lesser beings" can be targeted for brutal
insane cruelty so as to feed the appetites of the inane. That this can be so with
impunity - even acquiesence of religious figures who harbour abusers in their midst
who have no right on our turf in fact - and this is most of all true where we are
to be concerned for women and children as both are equally treated as expendable in
this movie tale in what are horrifying images of bestial cruelty towards our best
of both.

Oh well! - so much for Nietzsche's idea of "souper-man".

That all said, the idea of boarding school in the hands of a competent
administration, in full defence of the true Irish spirit, real Christianly
goodness for which we have no equal example in its radiating brilliance
to us all, we cannot be persuaded to "throw the baby out with the bath water"

Many children around the world where we take these issues to be our personal
problem, are in homes that have sadistic or inane parenting situations.
There are in fact a great many incompetents who hold and wield too much power
over human beings that are fragile enough to be crushed in spirit or even murdered 
in mental deformity as a result - a word I choose with care - although the movie 
shows this to be quite literally so in some very rare cases where avoidance of the 
law is so possibly capable of being perpetrated by the offenders involved. these
mindsets are only seen for who they are when they are in a position where they
don't think anyone is watching (really) or anyone cares enough - or that they will
be punished in any way tangible relative to their offences of the mind mainly
bent on sadistic gratification.

If we consider the example of the greatly spirited Irish schoolteacher who
comes as saviour to the children in this movie, then we must accept that it
might be possible to staff instead with good folk who have real wisdom to teach 
that is true to what is actually Irish as the opposers of this spirit are not
Irish - but in fact an invader from some other form of being in what is considered
true virtue. The Irish are Christianly in beauty and it is they that should be
responsible to ensure that there are boarding schools and reformatory schools
that hold to true Irish standards of Christianly goodness.

Were this to be so, we could actually raise greatest kids that have been nourished
adequately in all respects with love and care and familial; love warmth and 
acceptance that virtue is protected in Ireland and elsewhere this spirit is to 

I was personally much fortunate in my British boarding school education to have
been befriended by a headmaster who used to read to us few (personally) that were
the leaders of the individual dormitories in fact. he gave the greatest sense of 
warmth and care that is true of the real spirit of Australia in fact! What greatest
Irish folk there!

To these folks I say entrust the world in the future of our children - whether
in Ireland proper, Italy Spain Germany Australia Sweden Holland or elsewhere!

Imagine the power we have potentially to create greatness through proper schooling
by those with the rightly straight mind to teach human care and genuine idealism 

Michael Rizzo Chessman