La Stazione (1990) - directed by Sergio Rubini Starring the beautiful spirited Margherita Buy of Italy

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa, my sin. my sin, my grievous sin

I saw this movie many many years ago now as a late night movie on the national Canadian Television Broadcasting network. 
It left a lasting impression on me, however I have not seen it anywhere since. It is controversial, to say the least. The movie 
is about the sweetest, dearest woman in the entire world (Margherita Buy) coming into contact with the wrong men for her 
sort of personality and ways of being. In the one case, there is her mate who is handling her as physical property that can 
be roughed up as a way of giving a sort of a hug. many abusive men mask their abuse towards women by pretending "they care 
so much, they just want to beat it into them". Such men lack a real human sensibility, and are in fact not aware that they are 
not showing any real manhood or any kind of sane virility. they are in fact a cowardly sort of nuisance and a blight amidst 
nicer souls than they are made of in this respect. Most Italian men actually venerate women dearly. The position of the "mother 
figure" essentially casts Italian society as matriarchal just from this reality. Men there would die to protect their mothers 
without a moments thought. And no, that is not as universally completely a fact of life to the point of being something that 
requires not a moment of thought as there are differences in mores and strengths of cultural teachings and actual bonds between 
human beings everywhere they are. It is though at some point considered by universal human consciousness as being just a sane 
part of what "normal idealism" would have to recognize as altogether legitimate and in fact natural. As for my own take on the movie, 
I want to point out what most people wont - that the person who is just as much a culprit in the movie to the point of being in some 
fundamental way even more offensive to humane sensibility is the bureaucratic "ticket clerk' n the movie who steals a kiss he has not 
earned and does not deserve. he has not protected a woman in needs of a true man, a real gentleman, he has instead only gotten himself excited at the thought that his car might be involved in the mayhem and this no doubt is his personal property requiring indignation he has not shown at the moment of truth (when he witnesses the violent out burst against a gentle soul), and instead only when this other inane factor becomes a reality to him. as such I put it to you he is in fact the ultimate of what we call a "cad". I'm not faulting him just for lacking physical courage. I do so simply because he appears unemotional and unmoved by what is "violence towards good women - the very best of women in fact". The woman in question can only be described as "an angel" in the truest sense of her spirit as they don't make them any better than this anywhere on the planet! Yet there is no shock, horror or indignation at her treatment by the 
characters involved. this kind of desensitization is criminally offensive on the part of both and perhaps it is right that this movie 
has all but disappeared. On the other hand it requires a public airing and discussion so all can see what is shown for what it is. 
Real barbarism at play by the inane towards those that are the best of gods gift to us all. In this respect we must all speak out 
wherever we see this anywhere in our world. That said, it pales by comparison to the insanely cruel and brutal beating taken from 
a demonic character by Jessica Lange in "Rob Roy" who after assaulting her in the abdomen area continues his incursions from a 
rear attack that is to follow the prelude. Yet we see this act of incredulous cowardice and bestiality in the presence of an entire 
army of men who are unmoved to act. As such that is to me the ultimate portrayal of what I speak of here. You will find the insane 
actions in La Stazione universally condemned by mankind. It takes a special genius to see the even more real insanity of such a mindset 
much more so depicted in "Rob Roy" by those indicating they cant tell one victim from another (in describing women versus men 
anatomically such as it is, at the opening of the movie, employing what is gutter language in the use of the word "ass"). What a sad 
world it is that we are a part of indeed. discussion can only lead to better open eyes on the matter and more protection for our own  
beautiful lovely dear Margherita (Ms. buy) in this world.


Michael Rizzo Chessman