Si turpa sunt  quae facis, quid refert neminem scire cum tu scias?
"If what you do is disgraceful, what does it matter even if nobody else knows? (After all you still do)"

The Four feathers (2002) 

The aim of this movie to to provide a wake up call to those in the British camp
most of all to the horrors of the conflicts that are inflicted by attempting to
integrate masses that have no real basis of coming together in the first place in
the manner we see unfold in our world this present day, everywhere in our midst in
fact - based on this newfound sense of idealism which lacks true virtue or sanity 
in fact. This movie shows the core differences that are plain enough to see.

We are in fact shown an image of a "Jesus like" saviour to the men of Africa,
perhaps, in some way of looking at this picture, as he physically carries a 
huge man of Africa on his back through the desert, to save him from his plight 
by show of sheer force of physical strength and similar spirit too perhaps as to
provide  what is the energy he must require to pull it off. Oh well, live and
learn I suppose, I am not as yet and most certainly now convinced of the mans 
merits to put it plainly.


Michael Rizzo Chessman