The sting (Robert Redford, Paul Newman) 

Sic ne perdiderit non cessat perdere lusor
So the gambler, in fear of losing out, stays gambling and therefore keeps losing

Omne minium vertitur in vitium
All excess turns to vice" (comment on all gambling)

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The Sting is one of the greatest of all time movies made for its entertainment
value for all audiences across the board generally.
It has one of the most interesting plots ever written for a Hollywood studio 
offering and ranks with "Gone with the wind" as a staple offering of American
culture for everyone to have been able to afford to see.
The movie was a bit a head of its time arguably - in that it suggests that
loyalties that are made in the Harlem subculture can be more enduring than those that
are made on the voyage to Ellis Island as it were - and before, even!
Is Robert Redford's character credible in what is his crusade of getting even
with the Irishman who killed off his partner for "sound enough reasons - as
these matters are viewed by those involved in crime? I for one don't think so.
I think this was a piece of social engineering that Hollywood may yet live to
regret. Its one movie you should have in your library though - for all to enjoy of its
curiosity as fine movie making of the highest order - in any event!

Michael Rizzo Chessman