Stultorum infinitus ets numerus
"Of fools, the number is Endless"

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The White Ribbon (2009) 

If you watch this movie you will realize at the outset where the best people on the
planet are made - in Germany of course. That is that is where they are made by God
- and then of course some geniuses like the movie character of Christopher Plummer
decide in their own native wisdom that it is perhaps a "dog whistle" (meant for 
"canines" as Julie Andrews rightly points out in the greatest movie "The Sound of
Music") that rightly better trains these already best of people. What cruelly
retarded nonsense of insane abuse that is heaped on Gods best children as a result
of people who lack better sense than they do. It is Germany that gives us Meg Ryan 
and Jessica Lange and even  the great young boy shown in this movie - and it is 
those that do not have their equal spirit who should not be set upon them or
pervade their midst. May god save the true spirit of Germany, and their kin who
best are their comrades such as in Italy Poland Holland Sweden and elsewhere amen!

Michael Rizzo Chessman