Orator improbus leges subvertit
"An unprincipled orator subverts the laws"

The Verdict (1982) Mr. Paul Newman
This is a great movie from the master screen-playwright - Pullitzer
prize Laureate Mr. David Mamet and co-starring his lovely wife along
the way, Ms. Lindsay Crouse as the caring and principled Nurse Ms. Kaitlin
Costello. The late Mr. Paul Newman turns in a masterful and brilliant 
performance - one of the best ever in movie making history. Mamet also
gave us "House of Games" which starred Lindsay Crouse in similar fashion
with lovely beauty that is in her spirit.

The wicked Doctor Towler et al deserved to receive the stiffest sanctions
for their cruel misdeeds in the movie plot and life generally that have this
mindset and this movie does the right thing to expose this genre for what is
a complete absence of an idea of integrity in how they treat others in their
space of control. Its not what they do as much as the obvious venomous attitude
that is the problem I suggest.

Michael Rizzo Chessman