Wallander (2005-2006) - made for television (Sweden)

It is indeed nourishing to the soul to see the great spirit in the gals of Sweden
in what we are blessed with in seeing the "Wallander" series in the first
episode particularly (such as in the scene when "Linda Wallander" reminds her
mate of the concept of "empathy" as it is to her (he is certainly willing to do 
better) - feeling as she does in need of a more romantic moment than was 
perceptible to her keen senses at that moment. What great joy to see her
human spirit still thriving - the stocks of Canada that came from this area 
haven't occasionally seemed to have fared anywhere as well in 
keeping their spirits up to this caliber -  I hate to have to say - yet there 
is some true beauty here too - and unmistakably even Swedish in a good 
many cases you see as you walk down the streets here.

enjoy the series, however some violence depicted so caveat applies!

Michael Rizzo Chessman