White Material (2009) Isabelle Huppert - France

"Latin quote: Terra salutiferas herbas, eademque nocentes Nutrit, et
urticae proxima saepe rosa est.
"The same earth nourishes health-giving plants - and
injurious plants and the rose is often close to the nettle"

Latin quote: Commune periculum concordium parit
"Common danger produces agreement"

This movie is about taking chances against insane odds and in fact
with little doubt of any other outcome than sheer disaster of complete

It is about negating reason with stubbornness that defies logic
on any account whatsoever. its about trying to see a self fulfilling
prophesy come about by egging on disaster and courting it all the way

In some respect it speaks to the madness of multiculturalism that is of the
pernicious and insidious variety equally that is taking over the planet with
an eventual outcome that seems like nothing any other different from what is
shown in this movie , in respect of lack of care and abandonment of reason by
those seeking some kind of an outcome that will see the end to the presently
depicted humankind on the earth, in this movie. The character played by 
Ms. Huppert is rather than naive, perhaps more likely actually simply malicious -
against her own sense of existence on this earth and those that rely on her
judgment too. I do hope we can bring everyone back from the abyss or the edge
thereof as the case may better be. The character of Manuel in this movie needs
close examination as to just what makes him tick - into joining with those who
are seeking to destroy for their own benefit in what is the conflicting and
competing race for existence on this earth as depicted in the movie between the
forces typically shown as perennially at odds as it were.

If you have fortitude in your sensibilities, you should take in this movie
with a bottle of Napoleon brandy handy for a couple of gulps all the way through!

Michael Rizzo Chessman