Working Girl  Working Girl (1998)

(Ms. Melanie Griffith)

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This version is a 1.43GB 480p SD resolution XviD  movie file version that will play on any old (Xvid capable) DVD player or even on new bluray players - the conversion was made from an HD 1080p version which we have posted on the net for you  if you prefer at various torrent download sites.

This movie stars two of my most favourite people on the planet.
Beautiful Miss Melanie Griffith (featured at my website at
for many years now) and Mr. Harrison Ford - a truly nice guy too, among men!
(Though my most favourite in this regard will always be Al Pacino of course!)

Melanie Griffith for her part is the ultimate champion of the true Irish spirit in
all its goodness and wisdom - the ultimate in human beauty as she goes up against
her opposing type on the planet - played by the wickedly scripted persona
of Sigourney Weaver in this case.

Enjoy this show about the ultimate triumph of the human spirit
and lets cheer on this great couple - Harrison Ford does Melanie Griffith
as much justice as is possible in his role I believe. Greatest casting I must say!


Michael Rizzo Chessman