Tamen poetis mentiri licet
"Nevertheless, it is allowed of poets - to lie"

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zulu (1964) (Michael Caine)

Starring Mr. Michael Caine, this is a graphic depiction of the clash of civilizations and peoples in what was the beginnings of Western settlement in the area known as South Africa. Images shown appeal to both sides of those in this conflict in such scenes as showing off their men and womenfolk in dance and war, depending of course on what your own sense of ideas of appeal are in such regards.

With much of South Africa now under black majority domination, we dedicate this upload to dear
Miss Irene, a supremely beautifully spirited Dutch soul recently interviewed and shown on European
TV as living in squalid conditions where many whites find themselves without aid or relief in sight despite
what we spend on the planet in other priorities instead - merde! Where's your heart and minds in true christian sense of duty for these dear folks?

Thanks for sharing
Michael Rizzo Chessman